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Our Ideal Client

"Be open, speak your truth and ensure your business makes a massive impact for good."

Our ideal client is female, but we also take on conscious males who are 100% open to uncovering their limiting beliefs and sabotaging mental patterns in order to grow themselves and their business to a whole new level.


You must be in a business that you are passionate about, that in some way impacts the world in a positive way and you are still connected to the reason why you started the business.


You are open-minded and are willing to embrace different techniques in order to dissolve destructive or out-dated mind-sets and create new, positive neural pathways in your brain through the guidance of your consultant.


You are aware that there is more to this world than just bricks and mortar and there are universal laws at play, whether you know them or not, they still affect your experience and your results.


You are ready to start a new adventure, be pushed out of your comfort zone and are willing to be open, speak your truth and make a massive impact for good within your family, your business, your community and our world.


Please note, we can only accept new one-on-one clients who meet our additional ideal client criteria. Whilst Kirsty would love to take on all potential clients, we have to honour our ideal client criteria in order to ensure results.


Please click on the link below to see if you qualify for our free discovery Consult.


If you qualify in the above criteria but don’t qualify in the additional ideal client criteria in the discovery consult form, don’t worry, we will be in touch and let you know how we can potentially help you at your current stage of business and I’m so happy that you have had the courage to create a business that you are passionate about.

Our Vision is to unleash the true, creative potential of the female business owner through releasing sabotaging patterns from the past and inspiring her to connect to her feminine essence. She changes the world through her business that's powerfully backed by her loving connection to self."

Who we Work With...

"We love working with passionate women and conscious men who are open to the idea that there is a better, faster and more enjoyable way to get results in business that the traditional, "Work hard" mentality that our society is so accustomed to."


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