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Monthly Group Coaching

Our Group coaching sessions are specifically designed for small business owners wanting a low budget consulting and coaching option, who are good at the technical aspect of their business but have limited business know how and want to increase their business knowledge and implementing training into their business, will benefit from regular expert support and being kept accountable and enjoy being part of a community of other small business owners in a similar position.


1. SUPPORT - Never feel alone again with an Instant feeling of support and being part of a community who genuinely cares about you and your success

2. INCREASED PERSONAL AND BUSINESS CONFIDENCE - Gain confidence from the training with new knowledge and the knowing that you will achieve your goals

3. CREATE STRUCTURE RESULTING IN MORE FREE TIME - Feel instantly more in control of your life through committing to the training structure as well as completing your time management structure template in the worksheet that you can begin to follow instantly

4. INCREASED FINANCIAL CONTROL AND ABUNDANCE - Feel confident about your finances and how to manage them effectively in both your personal and professional life. From this place you can start achieving your financial goals, such as investing or buying your own home.

5. GET ANSWERS TO YOUR BUSINESS QUESTIONS BY AN EXPERT - Feel at ease that you have an expert available to answer your questions, provide support and keep you on track in every session.

6. REQUEST AND RECEIVE TRAINING IN SPECIFIC AREAS - Be part of a dynamic group where you can request training and help and expert advice in specific areas of business that can be addressed in the upcoming monthly sessions

7. MONTH TO MONTH GROUP TRAINING AND COACHING - We only want business owners in our coaching group who are really loving the value and quality they are receiving. In order to ensure this is the case, we offer the coaching on a month to month basis ongoing until you cancel. You will only need to provide 30 days notice.

8. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - We are also so confident that you’ll love the group coaching, love the support and love the value that you receive, that if, after you’ve experienced the first month (two sessions of three hours each) and you don’t wish to continue, we'll give you your money back, no questions asked. The second reason we are offering this guarantee is because one of our personal values is to offer amazing value to our clients and if anyone is not happy or doesn’t feel they are getting value, we want to them to know that they will get 100% of their money back with no hassle.


If you answer yes to more than one of the critical factors to a successful business listed below, then the group coaching could be a good fit for you and the next step for your is to book the free 60 minute business analysis.


You are great at the technical side of business but have limited business knowledge


There is never enough time in the day. You feel out of balance and it's impacting all areas of life


You feel like you have no support and being a business owner is a lonely journey


You are not good at managing your finances and you feel money is always tight


Before entering the monthly Group Coaching Group you will need to complete the free 60 minute business analysis with our consultant. Please note, we are offering this free of charge for a limited time, so please don't wait to schedule your appointment. Once you have completed the business analysis and been approved by your consultant, you are eligible to enter the group coaching sessions.




Prior to attending the live group, you will be set up with your live, online Google sheet. You will use this sheet during the sessions and it will house the training content and templates where you will create specific content across areas of 'You in your business' 'Finance' 'Marketing' and 'Operations' of your business. Also included is your Task Log to monitor tasks that you will commit to completing by the following session. Also included is your accountability sheet to monitor your progress. You will also be added to the closed Facebook Group where you can interact with your fellow small business owners on a regular basis. This platform will also be utilised to request training in specific areas or to ask questions that can be answered during he monthly sessions with your consultant.

Once your online worksheet has been set up you are eligible to enter The Group Coaching sessions that take place on the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month on the online platform ZOOM, from 10am - 1pm Eastern Standard Time. Please keep your schedule clear in order to attend your valuable Group Coaching sessions.

As you progress month on month in the group coaching sessions, your worksheet will continue to grow with the trainings that you will receive during each session where you will utilise the templates to keep track of your financials, marketing strategies, improving your business skills and making your business more systemised and automated. As you grow in business knowledge you will gain confidence in your ability to create ongoing and increasing success in your business, create more financial abundance, both personally and professionally, be continually growing as an individual and as a business owner and feel part of a safe and supportive community who only wants great success for you in all areas of your life. How wonderful is that!

Please click the button below to find out more about the FREE 60 minute Business Analysis. 



This portion of the session will focus on new training. Most commonly you will be trained on one key topic that is a critical component of running a successful business. This could include topics that fall into the following headers: 'You in your business' 'Finances' 'Marketing' 'Operations' 'HR and Recruitment'. Click below to get the full curriculum emailed to you.


This segment will also include training requests that have come through in the Facebook group since the previous session. This allows the group to be dynamic rather than static, always moving with the needs of the participants.


This segment may also include guest trainers who specialise in specific topics to help the group progress in specific areas of business.


This portion will be the critical component of implementing what you learned in the training. Most business owners go to a training course and feel really excited when in the session, then they go home and do nothing with what they've learned. This is one of the key differences that this course offers that others do not and I believe it's one of the biggest contributing factors to your success. You will receive access to your own business worksheet, with individual tabs relating specifically to each component of training.


You will be guided through each aspect of the worksheet by me, resulting in content that's specific to your business that you can use immediately.


The final critical component and also another point of differentiation with other courses is you'll have your own online accountability sheet and Task Log within your worksheet. At the end of each session we will go through all of the tasks that you have set for yourself since the previous session, set 3 new critical tasks to be completed in time for the next session as well as assess every aspect of how your business is running by completing your accountability sheet. 


With these three critical components your chances of success and reaching your goals is exponentially increased.


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