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Sunshine Consulting was started by Kirsty Erin Millar in 2018. After years of consulting in the "traditional" way,  Sunshine Consulting was created to help open-minded clients who wanted faster results and to experience their business in a more enjoyable, effortless manner. Sunshine Consulting uses 50% traditional, action-orientated aspects of building a business and 50% identifying and dissolving the sabotaging mental patterns that have kept clients stuck in a rut."

Sunshine Consulting Logo
Sunshine Consulting Logo

Kirsty Erin Millar

For the last 10 years Kirsty has experienced great success in starting and running her own business—Paws in the Park--located in Perth, WA. Kirsty has a team of ten contractors and has extensive experience in all operations of running a successful small business including marketing and accounting, in addition to her past experience as a national sales manager for a large juice company where she consistently ranked number one in sales across Australia. For the last 3 years Paws in the Park has been running on autopilot generating a healthy passive income for Kirsty to enjoy. 

Running her business on autopilot allowed her to travel to Los Angeles for three years and study a master’s degree in creative writing where she wrote and self-published two books—How to Start a Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Business and Dog Behaviour Training Manual. After returning to Perth, she was ready for a new challenge; something exciting and adventurous.

She came to Melbourne in 2015 and started Sunshine Consulting for two big reasons: First is to indulge her caring, supportive nature and desire to help others, the second is her love of growing businesses to their full potential. She is extremely passionate about education, growth and expansion both in developing herself and in business. She has big dreams and the greatest feeling for her is to see others following their passion and achieving their goals and experience more in happiness and freedom in their lives.

Kirsty has a strong belief that most people experience little or no change in their life because they are not aware of how their brain actually works. From extensive research, courses and books, she is convinced that the brain is like a filing cabinet. From the day we are born, we file away experiences that have turned into beliefs (a belief is a thought that you keep thinking over a period of time), then your beliefs turn into a perception of how you see the world. The only way a person can truly change, is if they access their filing system (subconscious brain) and start to see what is not serving them. From there, there are techniques that can be used to dissolve those outdated files, and input new files that create new, empowering experiences in our lives.

Kirsty Erin Millar

Kirsty has qualifications or extensive personal experience in the following modalities: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Reiki II, meditation, hypnosis, binaural beats, mind movies and psychology. Kirsty is skilled in using her intuition to guide her to identify which modality will help clients get results in the fastest and most effortless way. Often, this will be a combination of several techniques used in sync.

Kirsty is so excited to help you and your team evolve, grow and put your business on autopilot—should this be your desire—otherwise taking your business to the next level and giving you the freedom to work as much or as little as you please. She believes that humans are not designed to work full-time, in order to enjoy the fruits of their labour as well as enjoying other hobbies, family and friends and anything else that brings them joy and connection. 

Kirsty is a big-hearted, highly educated, ambitious lady who genuinely wants to see you and your business grow and for you and your family to live a life you love! Kirsty works with clients all over Australia and internationally.

Sunshine Consulting Logo
Sunshine Consulting Logo


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