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"Our priority is you. We are very conscious of only taking on clients who are a good fit for us and we are a good fit for them. Because of our responsibility towards our clients, we have a rigorous criteria for who we take on as our clients as well as a system that we follow in order to make sure we are finding out the necessary information along the way to make the right decision that's in the best interest of the client and our business."

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Our 4 Step Process...

Step 1: Fill out the Discovery Diagnostic Questionnaire


Once you have passed our ideal client criteria by clicking on and filling out our “Discovery Diagnostic” form you will be contacted by one of our trusted team and booked in for your free 30-minute Discovery Diagnostic.


Step 2: Complete your free 30-minute Discovery Diagnostic


Your free 30-minute Discovery Diagnostic will take place via phone call. During this free session we ask that you are completely open and honest about the current state of your business and areas where you feel you are limiting your potential.


During this session your discovery diagnostic consultant will ask questions to draw out areas that may be weak or need work. There is no shame in admitting when you don’t have something in place or areas where you may sabotage yourself. Having these points highlighted will allow you consultant to diagnose which areas you need the greatest assistance with and to determine whether Sunshine Consulting can help you.


Step 3: Complete the Business Analysis


If your consultant feels like we are a good fit to help you and your business, they will offer you the opportunity to book a business analysis with Kirsty. This session costs $1900+gst and will last approximately 3 hours. If you are located in Melbourne, Australia, the analysis will be done at your place of work. If you are not local, it will be done via Skype call. The analysis will allow Kirsty to dig deeper into areas that are weak and need assistance, as well as find out more about potential patterns that are holding you back.


At the end of the analysis Kirsty will have a clear picture on whether she feels Sunshine Consulting is right for you and your business and you should have a good understanding of whether Sunshine Consulting is a good fit to move you forward towards achieving your goals. Kirsty will present the options and fees in moving forward together.


Step 4: You are taken on as a client of Sunshine Consulting


You will be presented with our contract along with all that the programme entails. After the contract has been signed you and Kirsty will set up your first meeting and lock in the month’s dates in both yours and Kirsty’s calendars.

Sunshine Consulting Business Logo


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