"We all feel the shift, and I feel women in business are the answer to creating a new world that lifts others up instead of puts them down."

Kirsty Erin Millar

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Why We Created Sunshine Consulting...We Created Sunshine Consulting for You...

Sunshine Consulting was created for you, to help you realise and fulfil your greatest dreams, to assist you in finding your true passion in this life, to show you what you are made of and what an amazing woman you truly are.


Most women taking the leap into the world of business have insecurities about their abilities, what they are capable of accomplishing and having the courage to follow their heart’s true desire. I believe the world is going through a radical shift and we are realizing how the masculine ego driven way is outdated and keeps re-creating the same issues in our society.

We all feel the shift, and I feel women and conscious men that are creating heart-centred businesses are the answer to creating a new world that lifts others up instead of puts them down.

Together, we can create a new way of business where women are elevating their staff through a heart-centred, intuitive way of doing business, helping each member of staff fulfil their true potential, so each business owner is fostering and nourishing the future generations to behave differently, kindly, compassionately and from the heart. These are the types of women we choose to work with.


Don’t get me wrong, there is an equal component of action that also needs to be taken to lay a strong and solid foundation to spring board off and with Sunshine Consulting's step-by-step programme and expertise in building businesses this is ready to go, so we can concentrate on the bigger vision of how your business is making an impact in our world for the betterment of everyone.


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