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If you can answer yes to any of the following then this opportunity is for you

LIMITED BUSINESS KNOWLEDGE: You started your business because you are great at what you do, but soon realised you knew very little about actually running a business

REVENUES HAVE PLATEAUED OR YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO GROW: Your business revenues have plateaued or you don't know how to grow your business to the next level.


NO TIME: You work long hours, feel out of balance and your (health, family, relationships) are suffering as a result. You often wonder why you started the business in the first place.

UNRELIABLE STAFF OR STAFF ASK A LOT OF QUESTIONS: If you have a team you find them unreliable, or they are always asking you questions. You don't have a recruitment strategy and believe it's hard to find the right staff.

STRUGGLING FINANCIALLY: You are feeling a mounting financial pressure as bills are starting to mount up. Your profit margin is low or you don't even know what your profit is

LACK OF SUPPORT: You feel a lack of support and often have no one to turn to when things get stressful. You don't want to burden your family and your friends have limited business knowledge.


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How Sunshine Consulting helps you to realise and achieve your greatest business goals with our proven small business coaching and consulting 4-Step formula

Melbourne Small Business Training and Coaching Sunshine Consulting


High quality training in all aspects of running a successful small business. Training is provided in a live online worksheet. Examples below:

Vision, mission, values, goals, primary aim. Financial Reporting, tracking and measuring, money management, Marketing Strategy, lead generation, measuring and tracking, Systems, workflows.

Melbourne Small Business Coaching and Consulting Implementation Sunshine Consulting


We help to implement what you are learning in the training into your business. You are provided with templates and worksheets where all the hard work has been done for your.  

This is one of the key areas where we are different from other businesses which results in moving you towards your goals at a faster rate.

Melbourne Small Business Coaching and Consulting Accountability Sunshine Consulting


You will be given access to your own live business worksheet where we will allocate tasks between sessions that you will be responsible for completing in preparation for the next one.

Keeping you accountable is another critical key is helping you and your business get to your goals as fast as possible.

Melbourne Small Business Mindset Coach and Consultant Sunshine Consulting


Part of our sessions will include tests and questionnaires that identify where you might be limited in your thinking. Limiting beliefs can result in low business profits, frustration and a cycle of going no where fast. 

Our coaching will help identify where you are limited and you'll be provided tools to help eliminate them.


1. SUPPORT - Never feel alone again with an Instant feeling of support and being part of a community who genuinely cares about you and your success

2. INCREASED PERSONAL AND BUSINESS CONFIDENCE - Gain confidence from the training with new knowledge and the knowing that you will achieve your goals

3. CREATE STRUCTURE RESULTING IN MORE FREE TIME - Feel instantly more in control of your life through committing to the training structure as well as completing your time management structure template in the worksheet that you can begin to follow instantly

4. INCREASED FINANCIAL CONTROL AND ABUNDANCE - Feel confident about your finances and how to manage them effectively in both your personal and professional life. From this place you can start achieving your financial goals, such as investing or buying your own home.

5. GET ANSWERS TO YOUR BUSINESS QUESTIONS BY AN EXPERT - Feel at ease that you have an expert available to answer your questions, provide support and keep you on track in every session.

7. MONTH TO MONTH TRAINING AND COACHING - We only want business owners who are really loving the value and quality they are receiving. In order to ensure this is the case, we offer the coaching on a month to month basis. You only need to provide 30 days notice to cancel.


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Alison - Simply Natural Therapies

“Kirsty has been a fantastic support. Things are shifting really well in the business.  Most of my practitioners are stepping up and taking responsibility for marketing themselves and I’m feeling really positive about our future.  Kirsty is worth her weight in gold. "

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Colleen - Masta Scaffold

"Working with Kirsty has been truly life changing! I am now in total control of my cash flow, business structure and my life. Kirsty has taken me from an over thinking, often completely overwhelmed stress head to a calm in control business owner. I have no words to express my gratitude for her support through what has been a challenging time both personally and in business."

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Diane - Diakosmos Dance

"I want to thank you for your time, honesty and caring support you showed as my coach. You have taught me what it means to be a business woman. You opened my mind to a world of opportunity. I continue to learn about myself and my business every day."

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