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Why are we offering a FREE Business Analysis?

We are giving back to small business owners by offering our 60 minute business analysis free of charge. The business analysis is a deep dive into all aspects of your business and is valued at $660+GST. During Covid we are currently offering this service free of charge as a way of giving back to our community.


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What is a Business Analysis?

We have consulted with businesses across all industries in Australia and internationally and there is a common thread across them all; most know how to do the technical aspect of their business, but most have limited business knowledge and therefore don't have a solid foundation in the key areas listed below.


Some may be great at financial reporting, but terrible at marketing.


Others may have lots of clients, but don't have solid systems in place and can't deliver consistently which results in a cycle of clients coming in and leaving dissatisfied.


Having a solid foundation in the key areas of business is essential to grow the business to the level the business owner desires and also to be able to lead a balanced and profitable business life.

During the  analysis we will analyse the following key areas:


  1. You in your business – Including areas such as vision, mission, values, primary aim, business goals, leadership assessment, time management

  2. Financial – Budgeting, profit and loss, cashflow, money management

  3. Marketing – Marketing strategy, ideal client, unique selling proposition, market budgeting, compelling     offer, lead generation, joint ventures, customer service

  4. Operations – Systems, workflows, process maps, business plan 

  5. Limiting Beliefs – During the analysis potential patterns that are holding you back will be bought to light

How will the Analysis take place? If you are located in Melbourne, Australia, the analysis will be done via Skype or Zoom. 


To check availability please email or click the link below to make a booking.

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