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Small Business Owners Group Training, Implementation and

Accountability 18 Month Programme

If you answer YES to any of the following then keep read


Do you feel alone and without support in your business?

Do you feel like you have a ten-tonne weight on your shoulders?

Do you have no time and feel like your life is out of balance?

Are you starting to resent the time you spend on your business?

Is your business struggling financially or has your business revenue plateaud?

Do you feel overwhelmed and don't know what is the right next step?


If you said yes, please know that you are not alone and there's help available. 



















Structure of the Sessions:

Segment 1: Training

This portion of the session will focus on new training. Most commonly you will be trained on one key topic that is a critical component of running a successful business. This could include topics such as ideal client, ideal client buying journey, financial reporting, business plan, marketing strategy. Click here to download the full curriculum.

Segment 2: Implementation

This portion will be the critical component of implementing what you learned in the training. Most business owners go to a training course and feel really excited when in the session, then they go home and do nothing with what they've learned. This is one of the key differences that this course offers that others do not and I believe it's one of the biggest contributing factors to your success. You will receive access to your own business worksheet, with individual tabs relating specifically to each component of training.


You will be guided through each aspect of the worksheet by me, resulting in content that's specific to your business that you can use immediately.

Segment 3: Accountability

The final critical component and also another point of differentiation with other courses is you'll have your own online accountability sheet and Task Log within your worksheet. At the end of each session we will go through all of the tasks that you have set for yourself since the previous session, set 3 new critical tasks to be completed in time for the next session as well as assess every aspect of how your business is running by completing your accountability sheet. 


With these three critical components your chances of success and reaching your goals is exponentially increased.










Criteria to be a Good Fit for the Programme?

You are a small business owner

Your turnover is less than $500K per year

You work solo or have less than 5 staff

You need help, expert advice and support

Keen to find out what you'll be trained in and the monthly Investment?

Click the button below to download the curriculum.

Programme Detail:


Start Date: Monday 15th March 2021

Time Investment Per Month: 2 sessions per month

Times: 10am - 1pm Australian EST (3 hours per session)

Location: ZOOM Online

Sunshine Consulting Mission for 2021

To help 1000 struggling small business owners, like you, to start feeling joy again in your business by providing you with support and expert guidance so you feel less alone. Our goal is to guide business owners through the expertly developed training programme where you will gain confidence quickly in knowing that your goals are achievable. Having time to implement the training during the online session means you will be moving faster towards you goals and having someone keep you accountable to the actions you set for yourself means your chances of success massively increase. This is our mission for 2021.

Benefits you will receive when you join the programme:

1. Instant feeling of support and being part of a community who genuinely cares about you and your success

2. Gain confidence from the training with new knowledge and the knowing that you will achieve your goals

3. Feel instantly more in control of your life through committing to the training structure as well as completing your time management structure template in the worksheet that you can begin to follow instantly

4. Feel confident about your finances and how to manage them effectively in both your personal and professional life. From this place you can start achieving your financial goals, such as investing or buying your own home.

5. Feel at ease that you have an expert available to answer your questions, provide support and keep you on track in every session.


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